Transform. Rejuvinate. Energize.

An LStudio makeover combines the best of LStudio’s services to ensure your look most accurately represents who you are. This service combines makeup application, hair styling, and photography to ensure the first impression you offer is your best impression. Your image. Your brand. Your identity.

With our team of makeup and hair professionals, LStudio can transform your company’s most important assets: its employees. By revising your corporate image, you can portray your company as polished and professional, accessible and friendly. You’ve already got a good thing going on—talented employees who represent your organization well. Now it’s time to take it to the next level by upgrading your company’s online presence and publicity materials with enhanced images of the people who make it so great.


Lori has worked with financial advisors, university professors, medical professionals, musicians, actors, and models. Services provided for men and women, for individuals and groups.

Call for a custom quote: 610.350.9546.


Pricing begins at $250


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